Week One @ Acton Placer Academy

New Beginnings

I was recently hired at a school in Roseville, CA as an apprentice operations manager. To give a bit of background before I dive into my journey I must tell you how this came to be.

M y senior year of high school led me to a program called Discover Praxis. It is a professional bootcamp that is geared to help you acquire the skills needed to build a successful career in marketing, customer success, sales, business operations, and more! This bootcamp is a year long process and I acquired a lot of growth both in my method of applying to jobs to the way I positioned myself to stand out. It was a year well spent! Six months was spent learning about the different career paths I could take, and the last six months involves the job hunt and being placed.

I was finally placed November 2020 and accepted a job offer to a school called Acton Placer Academy in Roseville, CA. Since it was their winter break I was able to have a month to prepare for my move and enjoyed a bit of the slower pace. The first week of January I packed up my things and made my way from Michigan to California. The job title is an operations manager position and my duties consist of managing the schools enrollment system, accounting, budgeting and accounting, event planning, etc.

M y first day in my apprenticeship was January 11th and I was ushered into small tasks, like familiarizing myself with the student management system and observing the classrooms to understand more of the schools culture. I was amazed at what I saw and also the school’s method of educating its students, (I will go into this more in future posts.)

I would say my first week was very informative and eye opening and I’m excited to grow and learn and see what this apprenticeship brings my way in the future.

Feel free to take a look at the school and its model: Acton Academy Placer | Placer County CA