The Key to Catchy Advertisements is Audience Based Copy

The Key to Catchy Advertisements is Audience Based Copy!

There are endless ways to write exceptional copy to go along with your advertisements. My style tends to be conversational, plain, and poetic and I find that it works for me! Because there are so many routes to take, there is so much room for creativity and growth. When it comes to copy you definitely want to choose the best type for your audience.

Plain Copy

This type of copy is plain and straight forward. No gimmicks, no run-on’s just facts! (No printer) It gives the facts without any other extra details.

Hiut Denim Company

Storytelling Copy

A good story is almost as good as a good cup of coffee- or for some, gossip.

Storytelling copy ushers you into the product and it often entails an introduction, conflict, dialogue, and solution, which you would also find in a book plot.

Aubrey Marcus Collection

Conversational Copy

This is my style all the way. I tend to write how I talk- which is very conversational in nature. Conversational copy should be easy and seamless and follow the structure of a real conversation

Baron Fig

Long copy

This copy explains itself- it’s just long! This kind of copy is best on something that takes a while to explain and prospects are likely to have a lot of questions about it. Usually, long copy works best when there is a lot of technical things to explain and data to show.

Google Analytics

Ultimately choosing the right copy will be up to you and the audience you are marketing to. If you can nail the right copy for the right audience, your advertisements should have no problem taking right off!

For my project, I chose a mixture of plain and poetic copy. Take a look!

“Your destination for all things shiny, shimmery, and glossy.”

Copy Insights: I wanted my copy to be fashionable, yet simple so I chose to make my describing words parallel!

“The goods coming to you! Long-lasting and fashionable shine!”

Copy Insights: My copy for this advertisement is very straightforward and to the point. I wanted my customers to know what products were coming to them and what made my product so good!

Good copywriting takes practice, and I know that with practice, my copy tomorrow will not be the same copy I wrote today! Here is to learning, experimenting, and growing!