Stop Giving Answers, Ask Powerful Questions Instead

Good questions make you think, and powerful questions can lead to a question being answered on its own.

In the rush to answer questions, we often miss the opportunity to ask them. This is so vital because questions play a crucial part in…

Month 2 @Acton Academy Placer

A lot has happened in the past few weeks that I’ve been getting settled into my job. In addition to our Open House, I’ve taken on a bit more responsibility which includes:

  • Answering parent emails about enrollment/adjusting tuition cost/prorating
  • Sending out the Parent Questionnaires
  • Emailing…

Facebook Ads Manager is an advertising platform bundled to link both your Instagram and Facebook business pages for straightforward advertising. If you are very active on both Facebook and Instagram, this is a smart route to go.

When building your first campaign, Facebook Ads Manager allows you to choose the…

Alyssa Huguley

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